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Monday, February 1, 2010

An Ordinary Princess By M. M. Kaye

"An Ordinary Princess"
By M. M. Kaye

All Princesses have long, golden hair, beautiful complexions, and so it's no wonder a prince comes and sweeps them off their feet, to ride off to his castle, where they live happily ever after, right? But what if there was a perfectly ordinary looking, and acting, princess? What would happen to her?
M. M. Kaye decided to find out, and as a result wrote this beautiful little fairy tale called "An Ordinary Princess".
At Princess Amy's christening, she gets given the gift of being "ordinary", and grows up to have mousy, plain brown hair, and freckles - much to her mother's dismay.
Amy's sisters all get married to princes, but who will marry Amy? All the princes who come and look at her, suddenly have to leave right away on important business. Finally getting sick of this, Amy runs away, and meets an interesting man-of-all-work, who believes she is just a kitchen girl... What secrets are they both hiding as they begin to fall in love over their picnics in the woods?
I found this story charming and sweet, and simple at the same time. The only thing I didn't really like was the fairy who gives her the gift of being ordinary, who was a bit odd. ;-)
Recommended for children 8 to 99. :-)


Anonymous said...

I absolutely must read this book in the very near future. :)

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